Gathering Fun Facts

I will be speaking with classrooms and asking for their help to create the fun facts for each body listed in the Solar System Bodies pages. For this projects students will:

  1. Research from multiple sources including texts, library resources, and internet
  2. Verify – each fact needs to be independently verified from a different source
  3. Write – comment on the page for the body being researched. Include the Fun Fact as it would go on the sign, as well as the sources used to find and verify the Fun Fact.
Economy of words is important. Wherever possible write the fun fact in a short sentence. There will only be space for two to four Fun Facts on each sign.
Fortunately all the compiled fun facts will be available on the page for the solar body. From these we will pick which goes onto the sign. Fun facts can be submitted at any time, but for completion of signs before the summer, I would ask that you submit yours by the middle of May.
For submission via page commenting please,
  • Comment on the page your fun fact is about (hover over Solar System Bodies in the menu to see all the different pages)
  • only include your first name and your school name or initials (ie Jarrod RO)
  • use your teacher’s email address when asked
  • include your fun fact and sources in the comments section.
  • note that comments are moderated so they won’t show up on the page until I’ve had a chance to read and approve them.
An example will be included in the comments for this post.