• All the signs are up!

    All of the signs are up! Media Interviews and Press Release went out from the City today. Great comments from many people so far. Just finished interviews about Walk The Solar System with @lori_ackerman and local media. #sd60 #yxj pic.twitter.com/iruix0Ci — Jarrod Bell (@jbellsd60) July 14, 2012 With Darren Thompson’s help (@boosterjuicefsj) the locations will […]

  • First Signs are Up

    Well this calls for a bike ride! The first of the Walk the Solar System signs are in place! Congrats to the students and all those involved in this project. http://t.co/LER3pOlz @jbellsd60 http://t.co/I7ihxPyz — Gerry Paille (@tuchodi) July 6, 2012