This project is meant to provide to students and classes in School District 60 an opportunity to study our Solar System, Science, Math, Ancient Cultures and many more possible extensions. We will begin to add some curriculum objects to this page in the near future.

Resources are being bookmarked at

Ideas – feel free to share ideas for classroom activities or websites in the comments!

  • Students/classes to research each body and write and verify the “Fun Facts” section for each.
  • Web page and sign project (final product) – classes contribute content to a web page that will be available on a sign along the scale model of the solar system
  • What should be the minimum info included on the web pages?
  • What should be included on the signs?
  • Scale Model in your school hallway for distances
  • Scale Model on your playground
  • How big would the other planets and Sun be if the earth were the size of a Baseball, Basketball, etc.
  • Are there other meanings for the names of planets?
  • When were the planets discovered and who discovered them?
  • Pluto – is it a planet? Debate. – there was a CBC radio show about this…
  • Astronomy night – plan a night to have a look through a telescope at planets / stars, identify constellations
  • How many school buses would it take to go between the Earth and the Moon? the Earth and the Sun?
  • How fast can you walk – measure average speed and calculate the time it would take to walk between the planets. Convert time from seconds, minutes, years, decades, centuries.
  • How much have we spent? – Tally up the receipts and donations on the project after the project has been completed.
  • Build a scale model of the solar system on your school fence
  • Conversion factors – feet and metres, L and Gallons etc
  • Make a video about the solar system
  • Make a song, poem, piece of artwork about a solar body or the solar system
  • Why do we have seasons?
  • Compare and Contrast the planets?
  • Radio piece from CBC As it Happens – Part 3 from discussion regarding Pluto and UB313. The streamed clip has also been made available as an MP3 – As it Happens – Oct 14 2011 – Pluto and UB313 MP3
  • Scale model of Sun and Earth – NASA activity from

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@jbellsd60 @cbclearning Recommend the Neil Degrasse Tyson special on Pluto (It’s on Netflix). #BCed