April 2012 update

Met with Don and Les with the city to go over the sample sign and discuss next steps.

The sample was well received! We identified a few things for the production signs as follows:

  • Aluminum signs with UV coating, and and anti-vandalism coating if available
  • reduce size of solar body symbol
  • increase font size of the stats
  • QR code to point to specific page for the solar body
  • Arrow that will point to next and previous body along with its symbol and distance in metres
  • Keep spacing above City logo and below word SOLAR as it will be good for bolts.
  • adjust blue colour on SD60 logo
  • add Type: Star (or Type: Planet, Dwarf Planet etc)
Next Steps
  • Find class and or students to help with researching, writing, and verifying the Fun Facts for each body
  • Secure sponsorships for each sign
  • GPS and Paint the locations on the path so that they are clear